HD Roulette

The game of roulette has a long and colorful history. It’s roots lie in France and from there it has spread worldwide and in the US a new type of the game was created. Today you can play roulette at almost every real life casino and online casino. Roulette might feel a bit complicated at first with all its betting options and odds. But it will not take you long to learn how to play the game like a real pro.

The history of the game

The most credible theory about roulette says that the game was created in the 1700’s in France. The name itself is French for “little wheel”. The inventor of the first version was the French mathematician named Louis Blanc and he invented it in 1657. The wheel we know and love today was created by the two brothers Louis and Francois Blanc. During this time period the game migrated to Germany as it was against French laws. The brother Francois Blanc would go on to found the first casino in Monte Carlo where he also installed his roulette wheel. Clearly it won the love of casino players as the game lives on today.

When the game reached the US in the early 1800’s the American casinos wanted to improve the house edge. They did this by adding a double zero to the wheel. Some tables also had an added eagle but that symbol has since been taken off the wheel. The double zero does remain though in the game that we know today as American roulette.

How to play the game

If you sit down at one of Netent’s live roulette tables in full HD it might be a good idea to first know how to play the game. Let us start with the playfield. It contains the numbers 1-36 in red and black. It also has fields for column bets, bets on red/black, odd/even, high/low and for groups of 12 numbers. Finally it also has the field for the zero and, in American roulette, the double zero.

The games starts with players placing their bets. Every player gets chips in a unique color so that the bets will not be confused or mixed up. You place your bet by placing your chips on the field you want to play. You can also place your chips on a line between two numbers, splitting the bet between the two. Bets can be placed until the croupier announces no more bets allowed. When the ball lands on a number that number will be called out, the winner will get their winnings and the losing chips will be returned to the house.

There are special ways to bet in roulette. To bet a snake is to place your chips so that they form an z shape that has given it its name. If you place your chips so that they form a square you have bet just that – a square. If you instead choose to place your bet horizontal on three numbers next to each other it is called a street and if you place bets in two horizontal lines you are betting a double street. There are some bets that can only be made in American Roulette as they require a double zero. The same thing goes for bets that are created only for French/European roulette.

Where can I play Roulette HD?

NetEnt is a game developer that is known for its HD roulette. That roulette game is played live and has a crystal clear graphic and design. You can find the game at every online casino that uses Netent’s software and specifically this version of live roulette. If you want to try the or see what it looks like you can register at such a casino and play it there. Some of these casino also offer the choice of creating a free account loaded with play money to try out their games. Another way to try the game is to visit Netent’s own homepage. You can find all their games there and also information about them. You can also play games for free on their page. If this doesn’t appeal to you there is the option to visit an affiliate site.

An affiliate site promotes a specific developer, casino or game. You can usually find information about games there and also reviews that will give you a hint of what the game has to offer, its pros and cons as well as payouts and such. These sites also tend to offer you the opportunity to play the games the promote for free. Some will let you play for a specific sum of play money and others will let you try it for a limited amount of time, usually around 5 to 10 minutes.